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What is so important about horse teeth?

I’m Geoff Tucker and you can call me Doc T. I am a veterinarian trained at Cornell and floated my first horse in 1983. This picture of me here floating a warmblood stallion in 2016 is not staged. I float about 5 horses every day of the year and have accumulated a lot of experience by examining and working on the mouths of over 65,000 horses since I started.

How much money and time have you spent on your horses? Probably a lot. All you want is a good relationship where riding or working with them is something each of you enjoy. But have you ever tried to enjoy something when you have a chronic pain annoying you? Life becomes tough but you get through it either because you are tough yourself or life demands that you get through it.

As humans, we tend to focus on what we know and understand. For instance, we focus on bits, saddle fit, hoof trims and shoes, nutrition, and trainers with certain training techniques. Recently we have expanded our worries and concerns to ulcers in the digestive tract, hormones not working properly (PPID and Cushing’s disease), and the proper way to deworm our horses. In fact, we are overwhelmed with the amount of information and now I’m here telling you about dental care for your horse and how important it is for their overall health and well being. That’s because it is and frankly, the essential things you need to know about it have never been in one place – until now.

Now why would I spend my time and effort making this short course and asking you to spend your hard earned 50 bucks? I’ll give you two reasons.

  • First, I truly believe that every horse owners should know about this very important aspect of horse care. No one is teaching this with any depth of understanding in a way that means something to horse owners. I am a horseman first and a vet second and from this perspective, I can bring you great information you can use.
  • Second, I want to preserve my style of floating horses and through this program, I’m hoping to find a few horse people who want to pursue a career in equine dentistry. This short course is the beginning of a full equine dentistry school that will follow for those interested.