The Horsemanship Dentistry School – Module 3

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“Basic and Advanced Fundamentals”

This module is made up of course units. To complete a course unit, students will need to pass the course unit quiz at the end of the course unit with a minimum 80% grade. Course units are consecutive and students will not be allowed to advance to the next course unit until they pass the quiz of the preceding course unit. Course unit quizzes are open book and have no time limit and can be taken again if failed after contacting me.

The 23 Course Units of Module 3
301 Basic Fundamentals
  • Young horse teeth
  • Older horses dentistry
  • Basic equine nutrition
  • Aging the horse by teeth
  • Mastication in horses
  • Teeth and sinuses in the horse
  • Eruption, not growth
  • The purpose of equine dentistry
  • When to start floating teeth
  • How often should horses be floated
  • The threshold of pain
  • The importance of the tongue
302 Advanced Fundamentals
  • Gum disease
  • Extractions
  • Swellings and lumps of the head of the horse
  • Tooth abscess and sinus infections
  • Tooth decay
  • Temporomandibular joints
  • Chewing problems not related to teeth
  • Temporohyoid osteoarthropathy
  • Developmental dental disorders
  • When not to float the teeth
  • Theories of modern equine dentistry
ENROLL in The Horsemanship Dentistry SchoolFind the MANY EASY ways to afford enrollment
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