The Horsemanship Dentistry School – Enrollment Options


The configuration of this school is for the bookwork (what we call the coursework) to be on line and the hands on training to be done in Florida. This is similar to the way I was trained in veterinary school. There is always a vocabulary and theory part taught in the classroom followed by the application of that information in the clinic and hospital.

The coursework is divided into 5 modules with each module split into units. After each unit there is a quiz which needs to be passed with a minimum of 80% before being allowed into the next unit. There is no time limit for the coursework and quizzes with the exception of the final exam. The final is made of 100 quiz questions picked at random by the computer with a 2 hour limit and a minimum of 80% for successful completion of the coursework. You are not considered a “graduate” but only someone who has completed the coursework.

We have come to realize that learning dentistry in horses takes a lot of time – years and thousands of horses. You must be committed to learning both horsemanship and equine dentistry. We give you all the fundamentals needed to work to become excellent at Horsemanship Dentistry. Completing the coursework will give you all the information needed to actually effectively float horses.

As of December 2019 we have suspended the hands on training and certification options for new students. Previous graduates who have already paid for certification will still be able to return to Florida for this certification. The online portion is still available but we are restructuring the dentistry practice due to some changes in Melissa’s life. I am unsure if I will have the time to give for the hands on portion. I will make room for any vet or for an exceptional candidate who will be able to work legally in the state where they live. Call 888-467-9838 to discuss this and the cost.

Due to changes in the structure of the main dentistry practice and also with the increased amount of work we are receiving, there is no longer time to train students. If someone completes the coursework and really wants to get personalized hands on training I am willing to discuss it. But realize that it will be longer than 5 days and will require traveling everywhere I go for months rather than days. It will be a time and a financial commitment to learning how to work with horses and float their teeth.

Below is listed the Coursework bundle which saves some money over the individually priced modules that are listed below.

Note – all modules must be completed in order.  Advancement to the next module can only be done after completing the previous module.

The online modules you purchase (1 through 5) are available for the life of the school.

Military discount (Thank you for your service), Veterinarians and actively enrolled vet students and Members of any official dentistry certification program. Call for discount code before purchasing and get 25% off the bundle price!

BundleCostClick to enroll
The Coursework bundle
includes Modules 1 through 5
Individual Course Modules
CostClick to enroll
Module 1 – The Essentials of Equine Dentistry
Introduction to the school and equine dentistry
Module 2 – Anatomy and Terminology$735Enroll
Module 3 – Basic and Advanced Fundamentals$735Enroll
Module 4 – Applying Horsemanship To Equine Dentistry$735Enroll
Module 5 – The Process, Equipment, Techniques$735Enroll