The Horsemanship Dentistry School – What We Are

What Does This School Teach Exactly? Who Is It For?
The Horsemanship Dentistry School teaches the husbandry aspect of floating – the removal of all sharp points within the mouth of the horse – using horsemanship rather than automatic sedation, mouth jacking and head immobilization. “Equine Dentistry” is a long standing term among horse owners that means floating teeth, but in today’s world, veterinarians are expanding it to include the examination and treatment for pathology and jaw motion.

This school is open to all veterinarians to augment their practice offerings and serve the horse owners in a broader way. This school is also available to all horse owners in every part of the world where approximately 80 million horses, asses and mules are still used as beasts of burden. These animals need their oral pain stopped using simple hand floating techniques and nothing more. Drugs and electricity are not always available to these people.

Graduates of this school are advocates for the oral health of the horse which is the removal of pain causing sharp points in every horse. This alone removes most soft tissue pathology. If they are not a veterinarian, graduates are taught when they find dental pathology to pass these affected animals to a veterinarian. In essence, graduates become the eyes of the veterinarian so they can see more horses than they could on their own.

  • The best way to perform floating of teeth in horses
  • No automatic medication (sedation) of the horses.
  • No immobilization of the head and mouth (speculum and head braces).
  • The horse becomes a willing partner in the process.
  • Hand floating techniques to reach every point of every tooth.
  • People who are horse professionals (vets, dentists, trainers) anywhere in the world.
  • People who work with horses keeping in mind what is in the BEST INTEREST of the horse.
  • People who want to be better horseman and earn a living while doing it.
  • People who work on their own large herd to control costs.
  • People who help local rescue shelters, therapy riding centers, and other non-profit organizations.
  • People who serve areas of the world where preventive dental care is not readily available.
  • People who help horses being used as beasts of burden in countries outside of the United States (90% of the world’s horse, ass and mule population) .
  • A unique, rewarding, and profitable career with horses.
  • A way to use your love of horses and the skills you use every day to fill a growing need in the equine industry.
  • A way to own a horse business with the freedom to schedule your own time.
  • A way to step into a turn-key business opportunity based on a proven, successful business.
  • A way to earn upwards of $50,000/year and solidify your family’s future!
  • A way to replace your current income with horses while serving horse owners and their horses.
  • A way to expand your existing veterinary or equine dentistry business by adding to your service offerings to meet the growing demand for this style of equine dentistry.


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