Can I make a living at equine dentistry?

Yes. There are over 100 million horses, asses, and mules in the world – all with teeth that continually erupt and sharpen with every chew and lick from the tongue. While there are many equine dentists in the world, this school will also teach integrity and horsemanship skills that will separate you from others whose standards and abilities may not be as good as yours.

In my practice today, there are many weekly requests for the style of dentistry we teach at this school. Horse owners everywhere are increasingly looking for dentists that do not automatically drug their horses or use a speculum, immobilize their horses, or use power equipment.

Horsemanship Dentistry is active through social media, blogs, articles, live events, and personal contacts in educating horse owners everywhere that there is a better way to perform dentistry on their horses.

The movement has begun and hence there is a greater demand for Horsemanship Dentistry.

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