I am so glad I chose this school …

Hello. My name is John. I’m a student in Doctor Tucker´s School Of Equine Dentistry.

I’ve worked with Standardbred race horses since I was 18 years old, over 40 years now. I’m a certified licensed trainer of Standardbred race horses in Canada and I´m currently working on some horses in our home in the Dominican Republic.

The teachings that Doctor Tucker has brought to this school are outstanding. Along with these teachings come numerous detailed and descriptive photos, as well as teaching videos and an online classroom allowing students to share experiences as well as being able to ask Doctor Tucker questions pertaining to equine dentistry.

All of this leads to learning to apply the “The Tucker Technique Of Equine Dentistry” to the horse. In my opinion this is a world class caliber school.

What I am learning has brought my horsemanship skills to a whole new level through teachings such as ´The 10 Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship´as it pertains to equine dentistry. Creating a two way communication connection by SEEKING FIRST TO UNDERSTAND…..AND THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD.

I am so glad I chose this school and I hope you will consider it as well.John Smith

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