“your confidence is contagious”

Thank you very much…your confidence is contagious…i am doing my best and I’m sure I’m not doing 100% yet but I’m giving it my all…i have seen the feedback from the horses…the hanging heads and licking lips…the quivering noise and is amazing to feel so helpful…I know that I still need to develop my personal technique but i feel very confident that i am doing the best…I keep checking until i feel like I have gotten the burrs and razor edges off…and with each horse i feel a little more confident and like I’m really making a difference for the horse…I’m still waiting to find something wrong in a mouth other than sharpness or unopposed growth but to date i haven’t found anything more than a gap in the incisors 401-301 that seemed to have been caused by a previously retained deciduous tooth…I am really enjoying it too…so far i have been taking notes on which teeth are sharpest as well as age and breed…name too.Jenniffer Longwell
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