The “Short Course” – The Essentials of Equine Dentistry

G’day Geoff, I did enjoy the short course (Module 1), thank you.

I have nothing to complain about. The short course was clear and easy to follow. The login hiccup at the beginning you covered very well with your fast response, thank you 🙂

I really like your style and I like that you have stepped up and put your ideas forward. Many years ago I discovered bare foot trimming and the principles behind it ignited a passion in me regarding hoof care and your work has done the same in regards to teeth. Very refreshing.

We have fought a similar battle with body work over the years with everyone needing a gadget or machine to feel they have a credible result. I too believe you will never replace the hands and the contact. You call it the connection; we call it the language and it’s an immediate and understanding communication.

Great stuff Geoff, thank you
Kind regards,Kath Rochford

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