“Random Quotes”

November, 2014 – #1 – The school taught me how to meld what I’m already doing with holistic techniques such as bodywork, chiropractic and acupuncture with dentistry that is also holistic in addressing the horse’s mind, body and emotions. Though it is definitely hard work it is also fun and rewarding and a natural fit into what I was already offering on the holistic front. Though I had been using sedation dentistry, power tools and hydraulic ergonomic portable stocks it has been a smooth transition to the horsemanship style dentistry thanks to the teaching, guidance and encouragement that Dr. Tucker has provided.

Clients have been excited about the change and my client base has grown since finishing the course and announcing the offering of horsemanship dentistry to clients. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

I now number Dr. Tucker amongst my mentors that have taught and changed me for the better. I am forever grateful for his courage to step out and challenge the status quo with truth and integrity.

November, 2014 – #2 – Well I have definitely benefited from your experience, teaching ability and encouragement/mentoring.Debra Tibbitts, DVM

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